Lisanne Swart

Lisanne Swart was born and raised in Den Helder and lives with her family in Julianadorp. Her dance career began early with a short dance expression course, after which she took ballet lessons in Julianadorp at the age of 5. In addition to ballet lessons, Lisanne followed caractère, tap and jazz ballet. After completing HAVO she started an orientation year at the Free University in Driebergen. There she discovered that she wanted to do something with dance, pedagogy or education.

After obtaining her diploma in 2010, she began working as a dance teacher in the disciplines of classical ballet, jazz dance and modern dance for both children and adults. From ballet lessons at a dance school –  to interactive dance evenings at a healthcare institution, she enjoys every lesson she gives. In addition to teaching, she specializes further in the young child (2 – 7 years) by following the ContaKids teacher training and the Taaldans® & Rekendans® training.

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